People Think Bryce Harper Looks Like Jesus in New South Philly Mural

photo credit: artist Joseph Dougherty on Instagram


Now some people are saying this looks like Jared Leto, pre-bald Andre Agassi, Jesus of Nazareth, or that other “Jesus” from The Walking Dead, which is a show that went five seasons too long. It jumped the shark before we were even using the term “jumped the shark.” Personally, however, I kinda dig it. I think the artist (Joseph Dougherty) did a good job.

The artwork is at 45 East Porter Street, on the side of the “Dougherty Electric” warehouse. It’s a block up from the ALDI where the Goodwill drop off location used to be, next to I-95.

Personally, I still think the best Philly mural is the raccoon eating a pretzel on Thompson Street, but that’s just like, my opinion man.

Go Phils.