After a three-month delay, 94 WIP finally has a replacement for the retiring Angelo Cataldi. It’ll be the current midday show moving up a slot.

Here’s audio from the announcement Thursday morning:

So in the end, our hunch was right. The frontrunner ended up getting the job. I don’t know if Joe was the first choice this entire time, but kept hearing his name over and over again.

Other notes:

  • Al Morganti will stay with WIP in a different role
  • Rhea Hughes stays
  • Joe Weachter stays
  • James Seltzer moves to mornings
  • Ava Graham to management*

They brought in some of the big guns for the announcement. They had David Yadgaroff and Rod Lakin in the studio. No David Field, though. He’s the big bossman, not the wrestler, but the guy who runs Audacy.

No announcements for the new midday show, unless they talked about it later and I missed it, but I’d just promote from within. Move Giglio and Jack Fritz up maybe. I don’t think you’re losing an oomph there and you’d have a strong daypart lineup while not spending huge money on Angelo’s replacement.

EDIT – I will say it’s interesting that six years ago, DeCamara was anchoring nights solo on the Fanatic and James Seltzer was a producer and weekend host over there, if I recall correctly. Jon Ritchie wasn’t even working in sports radio. It really seems like WIP benefited more from the post-Josh Innes shuffle that saw a bunch of guys switch stations (like Cuz, Rob Ellis, Jamie, etc).

*Ava actually received the promotion back in September and is now the Assistant Brand Manager (brand manager is their term for program director).