Jamie Lynch is out at 97.5 the Fanatic, Crossing Broad has learned. We don’t know why he was let go.

The timing of the move does seem odd considering that we’re in football season and members of the John Kincade show flew to Arizona on Thursday for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Lynch was supposed to join the crew on that trip.

The simplest explanation would be a salary cut, which is what I’d bank on, though there could have been something internal going on at the same time. Maybe a need to shake up the morning show. We honestly have no clue and are working to figure that out. My impression was that Jamie was well-liked by listeners and had a good standing at the station, but you never know. When Kincade came to Philly from Atlanta, he inherited the Lynch, Pat Egan, and Bob Cooney co-host trio, and you can only project how it’s going to look when you merge a new host and existing hosts.

We’ll keep asking around to see if we can find anything out. We reached out to Jamie. We’ll update the story if there’s anything new.

(personal opinion – WIP might be wise to bring Jamie back, he started over there and I believe spent 8 years at the station before moving over to the Fanatic)