The reason I bring it up is because without that move by the Wilpons we don’t get Zack Wheeler on the greatest free agency deal of all time. Five years $118 million is an absolute steal that John Middleton better be leaving some Black & Mild money in his locker every now and then.

Here’s more background from Alex Coffey at the Inky:

When the Mets made the World Series against eventual champion Kansas City in 2015, Wheeler, who was recovering from Tommy John surgery at the time, asked the team if he could attend the games in person. His request was denied. He asked if he could sit in the stands. He was told he’d have to pay for his own tickets. So, he stayed home, in Atlanta, watching the Mets’ postseason run from his living-room couch.

Imagine that. A billion dollar franchise telling one of their future aces to buy his own tickets. Thanks Mets!

The only person to disrespect Wheels more was John Smoltz tonight on the broadcast. Holy shit. It was the Yu Darvish love fest for seven innings. At one point he said giving up solo shots can’t hurt you in the playoffs. What’re you talking about man?