RG3 and LeSean McCoy Went at it on Twitter

This was a doozy. Two former NFC East rivals, now NFL talk show rivals, had a Twitter spat over Russell Wilson, of all people. Shady threw the first jab, which is usually reserved for cops:

RGIII came back with stats from his rookie year, while saying without injuries, he would’ve had a better career:

Shady finished him, and that’s where it basically ended outside of RGIII responding to a former teammate and saying that Shady’s been a hater for years:

Like leaving a woman on the side of the NJ turnpike, calling people out comes natural to Shady. He did it with Chip Kelly and now he does it on FS1. That being said, Shady wins this argument. Saying I would’ve had a better career than you if it wasn’t for injury is like saying, “If I had your height I’d be in the NBA.” Shady had a hell of a career. Rushing champ, 2x SB rings, 2x First team All-Pro, and 2010 All-Decade Team. All RGIII can do is look at his Heisman Award every day and think “what-if?”