Robert Quinn Can’t Wait to Sack the QB AND Play With A Lead

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Two Robert Quinn posts on CB today! How about it:

Robert Quinn has only been on a team with a winning record once his entire career. He’s got 102 career sacks. Most of them not with a lead. It makes zero sense. This is a guy who had 18.5 sacks last year and it’s not even his career high. Who’s blocking this Eagles defensive line?

Is it me or does Robert Quinn look like he time traveled from the Steel Curtain defense? He looks like every defensive lineman from the 1970s. Receding hairline, plays with no gloves, has a chipped front tooth, and looking like he just worked a 12 hour shift at the mines before the game. That’s what I want in my D-End. Bring your lunch pail to work kind of guy. Can’t kill him. A machine.