Ron Rivera Gets Very Angry at Valid Carson Wentz Question

via @MicheleSteele on Twitter

After Thursday night’s win, Ron Rivera was fired up about a question regarding the ESPN report saying Carson Wentz was a Dan Snyder pick, and not his:

I love the storm off by Riverboat Ron, like he was offended. Every guy has been there. You’re getting absolutely bodied in an argument with your wife. She went away for the weekend and you watched 48 hours of football and forgot to do the laundry. You know you’re losing so bad the only way to salvage your pride is by saying, “You know what? I’m done.” and storming to the garage. We’ve all been there. Go over the film and try to be better next time.

I mean can anyone blame that reporter for asking this question? Three days ago Riverboat threw his QB under the bus and backed it up over him:

When the Chinese comes with no fortune cookies: