The Little Phillies Fan From Friday Night is Just as Much of a Menace as we Expected

from the broadcast

This kid’s got Diamond Club money, but 700 Level energy. That’s a dangerous combo. What an absolute menace:

But come on, be honest – once you saw that haircut you would’ve been more shocked if he wasn’t saying “F the Astros” and throwing double birds. This is a Father Judge special. There’s only a certain breed that can pull off a fade into a mullet and they all wear powder blue and take Exit 30 to get off 95:

Good on the Astros fan, who seemed like a good sport about all of it. Especially because he probably got a brain scrambling noogie once David Robertson got the last out. They raise them differently in Philly:

We need to find this kid and his dad and get them on Crossing Broadcast. If you know him or his dad email me.

UPDATE – The legend grows by the second: