The Phillies set an MLB record for most league championship series merch sold in 24 hours, according to Major League Baseball and Fanatics. These numbers don’t even take into account the Phillies team store at the park, which has been packed for the last 72 hours:

That’s insane. Even more when you consider they beat out Cubs fans, who waited 70 years for a World Series. And before all the people say FJB and it’s because of inflation, you’re only half right, we set records in value AND in volume according to Joseph DiStefano at the Inky. Hang the banner:

The privately held company (Fanatics) declined to say how many items it has sold but added that Phils fans set records for both the volume and the value of merchandise acquired within that first 24 hours of a league championship.

I wonder how many Scotty Jetpax signed baseballs added to that total:


Good for Phillies fans, but listen you could support your local billionaire or be like me and buy bootleg NLCS gear on Frankford and Cottman. “National League Champions NLC” baby:

Is the shirt missing 2009? Sure. But who remembers what happened that year anyway? That’s the beauty of the bootleg shirt game. Never know what you’re going to get until you get home and wear it for the first time.