These Seven Seconds Perfectly Describe the 2022 Philadelphia Phillies

It wasn’t easy, but we’re here and now we’re playing with free money. The 2022 Philadelphia Phillies were full of ups and downs, kind of like Rob Thompson’s postgame speech. These seven seconds describes the entire Phillies season perfectly:

Brad Hand takes a cork to the back, we have a “Fuck yea” ring out on live TV, and Rob Thompson got a face full of cork. Ladies and gentleman your 3rd place Wild Card Philadelphia Phillies! It’s a literal daycare in there. Good thing it’s run by Thoms. How many guys do you know who can take an ice cold beer shower down the back and keep moving with the interview? –

That’s 20 years on the bench in MLB. This ain’t his first rodeo.

P.S. Who the hell is this woman? I need to know immediately! I’d give my left nut to be smoking Cubans with her and drinking beers with Rob Thomson til the sun came up: