This Doc Rivers Diss Track Goes Hard

via @PrezzCarter on Twitter

Did Brett Brown ever get a diss track? Coaches Become Sales Reps is going to become the Dancing on My Own for Sixers fans:


I won’t lie I’m a little afraid to break down this diss track. I don’t want PrezzCarter to come at my neck next. Then I might need to respond. Then someone might have to cap someone and I know I’m too much of a pussy to do that. Because let’s be honest, not even Phil Jackson could win the Finals with that team last year. And though I don’t like Doc Rivers at all, Joel Embiid is out of shape and the team has given little effort while playing zero defense to start the season. Besides that, this was good. The flow was there. The rhyme scheme worked. The “raspy ass voice sound like a Nutribullet” line made me laugh out loud. No tranny porn references, which I’ll be honest – I was a little surprised.

Man Sixers fans are down bad. I feel for anyone in Philly over the last week who doesn’t give a shit about the Phillies and had to suffer through a 1-4 start during an Eagles bye week. This dude hasn’t experienced the feeling of joy in two weeks.

P.S. Remember when A.I. wrote a diss track about Jay-Z and was involved in the Nas/Jay-Z beef for like two seconds? What a time to be alive:

Kinkead: let’s give it up for the best diss track of all time: