Dan Orlovsky broke down the 3rd and goal QB run:

Hmm.. intriguing. I originally thought this play only had a run component because Isaac Seumalo immediately goes to run block while the left side of the line stays in to pass block. The three routes on the left side all appear to be fake, Boston Scott isn’t running any kind of route at all, and Jason Kelce is pulling into the B gap:

Orlovsky is talking about reads that I assume are being made mostly pre-snap, because Hurts only takes two quick steps back before running. Either that, or he just had some sort of lightning fast post-snap read of the positioning of those two guys Dan identified in the video.

For some further context, Zak Keefer from The Athletic got some quotes from DeForest Buckner regarding this play:

“I can’t speak for everybody else, but I know me, personally, could’ve been better on that play,” Buckner said.

Before the snap, Buckner spied the Eagles’ linemen setting a certain way — it was how they’d lined up all game long before passing plays. So he crashed the B-gap, thinking Hurts would be dropping back deep in the pocket.

“Everybody and their mama knew it was a draw except for me,” Buckner said. “I should have been stab rushing. Maybe I could’ve fallen back inside and we would’ve had a chance on fourth down. I gotta be better.”

It’s an interesting play, isn’t it? The Colts are sitting in zone right there, and you typically expect designed QB draws like that to come from empty formations because that’s how you lighten the box and create some space to run. The Eagles were not in empty, however, and just threw a basic 11-personnel look out there with a running back, tight end, and three receivers.

Baldy also broke down a couple other instances of them using this play: