Daw Bo, come back to the homeland! –

Looks like Anthony Gargano is taking Fantasy Fest on the road. This is a real thing. Had to check to see if it was a fake account, but no, this is 100% real. The maiden voyage is set for June 2023 via Philly Sports Trips. It’ll cost you $6.5k+. That’s a lot of pasta fazool. I can’t stop thinking about the Choonis stuck between a couple greasy paisans while over the Atlantic:

“We are traveling to Rome, Naples, and Sorrento for an amazing 10 night trip that you will not soon forget.  In Rome we will have a group dinner and a private Vatican tour before heading down to Naples and Sorrento.  We will spent time by the sea and explore the beautiful landscape that only the Amalfi coast can offer.  We have some amazing activities planned for the group as well as plenty of wine, delicious local food, and relaxation.  The goal is for our guests to experience a full immersion into Italian culture.”

Waiting to board, you’ll debate The Cuz on which Rocky movie was the best. Then ponder if Carson Wentz or Ben Simmons is a bigger stain on Philadelphia. In the air you’ll be serenaded by Italian Flag Face Paint Guy singing the Eagles fight song for nine straight hours while Cuz is harassing the flight attendant to play the frickin’ song again:

Cuz will have to be removed from the Vatican by armed guards because the Pope refused to talk to the big guy upstairs and promise more championships in Philly. You’ll finish the trip dining at the Meat Locker in Sorrento where a fake Brian Baldinger serves you: