Astros Fans Are Soft

via @KHOU on Twitter

There aren’t enough pearls in the world for this husband and wife to clutch. Also, what the hell is going on with this woman’s eye makeup?

These are grown ass adults complaining about a couple middle fingers and some bad words. OH NO! Middle fingers?! Who would ever do that in their own stadium?!? Couldn’t be Astros fans:

The only “fuck you” I heard the whole series was from this cranky old man that stayed up way past his bedtime because someone called Jose Altuve a cheater:

Also lets talk about Astros fans and Mattress Mack. They’re treating a fucking mattress salesman like he’s some sort of god. That’s like two rungs up the ladder from used car salesman. Did you ever think he gives away free mattresses to hide his crippling gambling addiction and the fact that he’s a shitty husband:

While he preaches from his pulpit that Phillies fans were the spawn of Satan:

We weren’t good to you huh?

Mattress Mack is a bigger fraud than the entire 2017 Astros. It’s the World Series. There’s going to be shit talking. Any opposing fan who didn’t think that has their head in the sand. Phillies in 7. We can’t lose to this soft ass fanbase. This is why the North won.