Look at these turncoats.

Billy Penn created a survey asking readers what should go into the locations of the former Wawas that closed in October. More than 150 people responded and the #1 answer was Sheetz. What a bunch of Benedict Arnolds turning on an institution that left because their cashiers were getting beat up and people would ransack the place in broad daylight with no repercussions. I mean listen to Jordan from South Philly:

“Sheetz!” wrote Jordan, a 38-year-old South Philly resident. “Wawa has made it clear that it wants no part of Philly anymore. Maybe it is time to start a new tradition.”

How quickly they forget. This guy probably called into WIP and yelled about firing Jonathan Gannon from his 8-1 football team.

“Sheetz. Give Wawa the finger,” echoed Instagram user @amtlphilly, with only slightly less tact.

Give Wawa the finger? How are we blaming Wawa here? Look at this shit in Mayfair and imagine everything that hasn’t been recorded:

Not to mention, why would Sheetz want to even go into those locations? You think criminals care what the sign says on the front of the store? This is like replacing your corner papi store with another corner papi store. There are three things that that papi store is good at. A guy named Papi making cheesesteaks and breakfast sandwiches in the back, selling loosies, and getting robbed. When you open a corner store in Philly you build a robbery into the bottom line when you’re financial planning. You have profit, you have costs, and you have that quarterly robbery where the guy takes a couple hundred dollars, lottery tickets, and some Rap Snacks. That’s just the cost of doing business in Philly right now.

Here were the top 6 results:

  1. Sheetz
  2. Wawa (yeah, again)
  3. Community Center
  4. 7-Eleven
  5. Coffee shop (any coffee shop)
  6. Royal Farms