Bozo Reporter Thinks Los Angeles Midfielder Plays for Philadelphia

from MLS Media Day

I can barely make it through this clip. It’s so cringe. Here’s a “reporter” at MLS Cup media day asking Kellyn Acosta, a U.S. international and LAFC player, what it’s like to represent Philadelphia at this moment in time:

“I don’t play for Philly but it’s exciting for them I guess.”

Jesus Christ. Hey listen though, good on Acosta for taking it in stride when he could have clowned the reporter instead. No clue who this poor schmuck is, but it’s obvious that his outlet just sent him down there because MLS Cup is one of the big sports things happening in Los Angeles this weekend.

Even then, there’s a LAFC crest on the placard next to the guy’s name. It takes two seconds to do some research here, or just your eyeballs to identify which team the dude is on. Imagine someone asking Bryce Harper what the scene is like in Houston these days.

Union win 2-1 on Saturday. Phillies tie up the World Series at 3 games apiece. Only Posidelphia here.