Breaking Down the Xfinity Live Women’s Bathroom Brawl

via @dippedbyney on TikTok

From Thursday’s Crossing Broadcast:

There’s a lot going on here, but I have to give Schmidt a lot of credit. This is good mixed martial arts knowledge from her. Good ground game from #20. She does a nice job of swinging the hips and getting that left leg over her opponent. That allows her to clear guard and obtain full mount. At this point, she needs to let go of her cell phone and just start dropping VICIOUS ground and pound. She should be throwing heavy elbows and bombs at this point.

A little later in the clip, she’s seen in a different position. Here she has the back, but the problem is that she’s off balance. She goes for a bulldog choke or a neck crank here, when the more effective approach is to sink in the body triangle and then go for the rear naked choke:

I’ll give Schmidt the benefit of the doubt, however. That’s a tight space. The sink does appear to be in the way.

Nonetheless, I’m really impressed. Good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from #20. Get this woman in a combat sambo gym with the Dagestanis. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev should be cornering her next fight in the Xfinity Live women’s bathroom.

This also reminds me a bit of when Ben Simmons got Karl-Anthony Towns to tap out, and we asked Eddie Alvarez about it:

Crossing Broad: Did you give any advice to Ben Simmons after he put Karl-Anthony Towns in the rear-naked choke?

Alvarez: (laughs) Yeah, so we have yet to go into detail on how to finish that. Look, when I watch basketball, admittedly I don’t know a ton about what I’m watching. You could perhaps not finish a free throw or not finish a three-pointer, but when you don’t finish a rear-naked choke I’m gonna come in and say something. For me they must be finished every time.