You know I could pound my chest and make this a blog all about how it’s another win for retractable roofs and how the snowiest city in America should probably build one on their new $1.5 billion stadium so they don’t lose a home game, but I won’t. I’m not going to talk about how if the Bills lose in six feet of snow they’ll be the 7th seed in the playoffs. Instead I’m just going to enjoy 3-6 feet of thundersnow:

Two things Buffalo has do for Sunday – sign Shady McCoy and give the people a livestream of this guy watching the skies in Buffalo:

I will be betting the over in this game. Why? Because it’s unconventional. When Vegas goes low, I go high. Remember the Snow Bowl in Philly? Everyone in Philly woke up, saw we got way more snow then we expected, loaded up their Bovada accounts, and absolutely NUKED the under. What happened? The Eagles and Lions scored 54 fucking points! So I told myself never again. You want to bring extreme weather on my doorstep, you go right ahead. I’ll look it in the eyes and bet the over. Has it worked? Didn’t work in 2017 Bills vs. Colts and it didn’t work last year in the “Wind Game” between the Bills and the Pats. Right now the total has fallen. The public is all over it. I’m not a sheep. I’m a sharp:

Obligatory LeSean McCoy hurdling the defender clip: