From the desk of DeVonta Smith:

DeVonta has 40 receptions for 442 yards and two touchdowns this season. If you’re in a PPR league that’s good for about 88 points on the year. He’s averaging 11 a week. People aren’t happy:

People who DM athletes to bitch about their fantasy team are humongous dorks. You’re playing a made up game, with made up rules, and a made up point structure. I mean the word fantasy is in it. We’re no better than the Dungeons and Dragons people. I understand it’s frustrating sinking $100 into your league, but fantasy football has never made sense. I remember one year Marc Bulger and Maurice Jones-Drew won me a title. Marc fucking Bulger. You should be happy you have DeVonta Smith, imagine if you drafted Jonathan Taylor.

Kinkead: I have the most points in my fantasy league but I’m stuck in 4th place.