England Players Can’t Handle the Qatar “Heat”

via England on Twitter

Get a load of this:


Cooling off? It’s 81 degrees in Qatar as of publication of this blog. According to a post at Goal.com, the average temperature during the World Cup will be somewhere in the 70s, with a low hovering around 66 and high reaching 86. That is perfect weather, but these Premier League dudes are used to playing in the shite cold and rain, places like Stoke City on a Tuesday night. Just a glance at the London and Manchester forecasts shows temps in the 50s and 40s, respectively, so 80 degrees for them is like 105 degrees for us.

They’re not equipped!

This bodes well for the United States. We have MLS guys who have to play in Houston in July. We’re ready for Qatar. Team USA should high press the everliving shit out of England and run these guys ragged. They’ve got the more talented team, but we can run for days and we’re in fantastic shape. Hammer the over for 2nd half goals.

USA and Iran top the group, you heard it here first.