Everyone Who Paid for a World Series Ticket is a Sucker…

via Barstool Philly

…when you could’ve just climbed the fence and gotten in for free.

The Phils are going to have the National Guard around this entrance tonight. If you so much as look at it you might be detained:

They allegedly were chased. No word on if they were captured:

Shout out to these guys though. If you’ve got the stones to do it knowing they’ll probably throw the book at you if you get caught more power to you. Also for all the olds who are going to bitch about “kid’s these days” and shit., I’m sure you never bring up that one time you snuck into the Vet or got backstage at an Aerosmith concert at the Spectrum. Sneaking into something is one of the most exhilarating feelings of all time. One moment you’re ready to puke on your shoes the next you’re watching the World Series for free. That’s a story you’ll tell forever. You think the Eagles fan who ran out of the tunnel with the team regrets it three weeks later? Absolutely not: