Flyers’ Injury Report Might Be Longer than the Magna Carta

Bag it to Broad

Russ shared this on Twitter Tuesday:

This doesn’t even mention Ryan Ellis or Scott Laughton, the former of whom remains sidelined for a time period that God may not even know at this point. Laughton is now on injured reserve for two weeks with an upper body injury. You go back through the Calgary box score and Lukas Sedlak, Kieffer Bellows, and Max Willman got about 8-9 minutes of ice time each. Ask the average Philly sports fan if they had ever heard of those three coming into the season, and the answer is likely no.

It was bad enough for the Flyers, who have lost seven in a row after their scrappy and positive start to the year. They’re falling back down to Earth and the lack of talent and lengthening injury report is starting to catch up to them. It’s just brutal for Torts and the rest of the team, because they’ve been working and playing hard all season long.

It is now time. It’s time to #TankHardforBedard.