Former Eagle Corey Simon is now a Florida State Senator

I have to be 100% honest with you. I had no clue Corey Simon was even in politics, let alone on the ballot Tuesday night:

Hey that’s cool. Good for him. I wonder if he’ll last longer than Jon Runyan, who served four years and then was like “fuck it I’m out.”

His district is in North Florida, Tallahassee, where he went to college (he’s a Florida State guy). He actually grew up in the Miami region but will now rep his home state in the panhandle.

From WCTV’s website:

After a fiercely battled race, Corey Simon has defeated incumbent Loranne Ausley for Florida’s Senate District Three.

Simon had about 53% of the vote to Ausley’s 47% in the latest returns Tuesday evening, with more than 200,000 votes counted.

The battle between Ausley and Simon quickly turned negative on TV screens and in mailboxes across the district. Republicans eyed Simon as a chance to capture a Senate seat the GOP hasn’t held since Reconstruction.

Ausley was the incumbent, forced to seek reelection just two years after winning a similarly contentious 2020 race thanks to the once-a-decade redistricting process.

Simon played five seasons for the Eagles and went to the 2003 Pro Bowl. He was a very good interior defensive lineman and started his career especially strong, with 17 sacks and six forced fumbles in the first two years alone. The Eagles tried to tag him in 2004, but he didn’t sign, then ended up winning a Super Bowl with the Colts, despite not playing due to injury.

Disclaimer: Crossing Broad does not have a political stance. If Corey was a Democrat we’d have written the same story.

by the way, you guys see Montco got a shout out last night? –