Full time: USA 1, Wales 1.

Not a horrible game by any stretch of the imagination, but we probably should have won that. We’ve got a young squad and they gotta learn how to play a full 90 minutes and close it out properly.

The Welsh bastards scored late thanks to guess who? Gareth Bale. What an asshole he’s been lately. First, he scored the late equalizer against the Union in MLS Cup:

Then he scored the late equalizer against the United States in the World Cup:

Shitty goal to concede. Walker Zimmerman didn’t have to lunge there and give up the penalty. Bale had his back turned. Smart play by Wales though to throw that ball in quickly and gain the endline, which kind of had our guys scrambling and reacting a bit. I actually thought the Wales dude may have picked up the ball before it went out completely, but we didn’t have a great angle on television. Good heads-up play on their part.

Anyway, with the draw, the group looks like this:

  • England – 3 points
  • USA – 1 point
  • Wales – 1 point
  • Iran – 0 points

We play England next, and gotta keep it close against them. What I think happens here is that England wins all three games, and everybody beats Iran, so it’s England 9 points, USA and Wales 4 each, Iran 0. It’s gonna be important to smoke Iran by as many goals as possible and then lose to England by as little as possible, because we’re likely gonna have to go through on tiebreaker against asshole Bale and his countrymen, barring a miracle result against England.

Gareth Bale. Fuck that guy.