We had former Camden Catholic and Monmouth standout Kevin Owens on Thursday’s Crossing Broadcast. Good interview with Kevin, who played several years in the D League before embarking on an overseas journey that took him to Australia, South Korea, and Kosovo, among other spots.

Owens tells some great stories in his book Overseas Famous, which we recommended on the site earlier this year, and on CBC he shared the story of working out with the Sixers back when they practiced at PCOM up on City Ave:

Reggie Evans, for those who don’t recall, was a DAWG. He only played two season for the Sixers, during that era when they were a .500 team and went out in the first round, but he was a ferocious rebounder and defender with a maximum shooting ranging of maybe three feet. The quintessential role player during that NBA era.

Imagine having to go up against a guy like that in practice. At the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. You finally realize your dream of getting to work out for your hometown team, and you are rewarded with paying a parking meter and then having to bang with Reggie Evans. What a story. That’s one of my favorites from Kevin’s book, but there are tons of fascinating tales from his overseas travel as well.

Full episode of CBC here, also featuring Samboner Mick: