If You Thought Grubhub Was Over-Charging You in Philadelphia, it Turns Out You Were Right

Photo Credit: Wm. Glasheen/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin, Appleton Post

Have you ever looked at your Grubhub total and though “that can’t be right?

Well it turns out you were correct. You’ve been getting overcharged this whole time. The Hub was ordered to pay PA food banks $125k in lieu of monetary damages because they would up-charge on their site. So if an Italian hoagie was $12 at your local joint the Hub would increase it to $15 on the app and pocket the extra $3. To this day I don’t know what the fucking point of ‘Delivery Fees’ are.

Via Erin McCarthy at the Inky:

Grubhub will be more transparent about its pricing after the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office found that the popular food delivery app charged customers more for some meals than they would have paid at the restaurants.

The Chicago-based company will also pay a total of $125,000 to several Pennsylvania food banks, including Philabundance, in lieu of monetary damages, according to the terms of the settlement announced Monday by Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office.

Do I believe the Hub is going to be transparent going forward? Absolutely not. A $125k “donation” is a rounding error for them. Plus, I’ve already been conditioned to expect my delivery to be no less than $30 every time I order. They’ve already won. You’ll buy a $15 dollar sandwich and by the time you get to checkout you’re somehow paying $30 after delivery fees, tip, and taxes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just stared at my total in disbelief. And you know what? I’m 100% of the time still going to hit pay because once you get to the checkout they already have you by the balls. I mean what’re you going to do? Walk the five blocks to go pick it up? I’m hungover on the couch watching football. The only exercise I plan on doing today is taking the elevator down to the front desk and getting my halal delivery. Congrats GrubHub. You win.

Free advice: I forgot who passed this down to me, but if you do go the takeout route and get it from the bar, go early. Tell the wife/girlfriend the food will be ready 15-20 minutes before the real time they gave you. Something about that beer and watching the game while you wait for your food hits different. It’s the little things.