If You Want to Hang Your Hat on Something After Game 5, at Least Rob Manfred Got Emasculated

via @redditcfb on Twitter

Everything about last night sucked so here’s Rob Manfred getting abused by a (presumed) Phillies fan next to his box:

“Hey Rob, if you want the youth, end the blackouts, dumbass.”

Was this the guy with the top comment? He was grinning ear to ear when he heard this:

He’s been wanting to call Rob Manfred a dumbass for years and couldn’t help but smile after he watched someone live out his dream.

Respect to this Reddit guy, because now it’s just awkward for the next however many innings you to have to sit next to each other. It takes balls to do this, but we do have to talk about the glove:

I don’t know who I hate more now. Rob Manfred for being a weasel or the adult bringing a glove to the game. Of course this guy is a Reddit user. The Venn Diagram of people who bring gloves to games and are on baseball Reddit is one giant circle. If you’re over the age of 12 and you bring a glove to a game I immediately lump you in with Zack Hample and this loser:

Is it fair? Probably not. Could you make a case? Absolutely. What? Are you scared that if you don’t bring a glove some seven year old is going to outmuscle you for a ball? Bringing one to a suite is an even wilder move. What’re the chances you’re going to catch a ball in a stadium? 1%? Now what’re your chances you catch a ball in your suite in that little five foot gap between the first and second level? .1%? Even if you get one what’re you going to do with it? Are you going to show everyone the foul ball you caught from Trey Mancini every time they come down to the man cave? Also does that glove have this guy’s last name on it? Trust me, no one’s going to steal your precious mitt my man. You know what? I’ll defend Rob Manfred til the end of time if he makes a rule where he bans gloves for adults.

Look at the video from the Bryce Harper home run on Tuesday. Not a glove in sight. Every man for themselves and no hands were broken. We used to be a country. A proper country: