Is it a Violation that Joe Davis Used the Same Call for Bryce Harper’s Home Run and Justin Jefferson’s Catch?


Sunday’s Vikings/Bills game was the “Game of the Year” so far in the NFL. A lot of Eagles fans were invested in it for multiple reasons. One, for playoff positioning, and two, for the possibility the “Eagles haven’t played anyone narrative” takes another hit. During the game, Justin Jefferson made a spectacular catch on fourth down and Joe Davis basically had the exact same call that he did when Bryce Harper hit his home run in Game 5 of the NLCS:

People are saying this a violation:


Does it cheapen the call? In my opinion, no. Because it can’t become a catch phrase. You can’t use, “the screen pass of his life” or “the seeing eye single of his life.” Can it become a signature call? Why not? It just so happens he’s called two big games in a month that had moments of a lifetime. If these calls would’ve been separated by five months are we even talking about this? I mean we heard Harry Kalas say, “That ball is outta hereeeee” for 40 years and never got tired of it. Marc Zumoff would shout, “YES!” every time a big shot was made at the end of games. Does Michael Buffer’s, “Let’s get ready to rumblllllllllllle!” lose its mojo when he does it for a big PPV fight and then next week turns around and does it for a less exciting card? Not at all. Just like Chris Berman’s, “Back, back, back, back” never did or, “HE. COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY!” during the Two Minute Drill segment on ESPN.  A couple weeks from now you’re going to go back and watch the Game 5 home run call and not even remember he used it for a Vikings/Bills game in Week 10.

P.S. Do the Bills lose that game if 75% of their secondary isn’t out? Probably not. I am not worried about the Vikings. The NFC runs through South Philly. Need we remind you? –