On the broadcast Tuesday night, it was noted that Torts’ facial bruise was due to a horse:

Man that sucks. Imagine getting rocked in the face by a beefy equine. That kick probably packed some force. A horse is a horse, of course!

You may be aware, but if you aren’t, Torts does a lot of positive work with animals. Here’s a passage from Giana Han at the Inquirer that describes his passion for animals:

The Tortorellas also got involved with (Zack) Bendler’s Bella Run Equine, working to help at-risk horses and dogs. Bendler estimates that the Tortorellas have helped save thousands of animals through their contributions, from buying and saving horses from kill auctions to adopting horses themselves.

While Tortorella is focused on helping his underdog Flyers team find ways to win, he and Christine are also intent on a similar objective off the ice, working to find solutions for the animals they’re supporting in Columbus, Philadelphia, and beyond.

Seems like a good dude behind the scenes, Torts. Rough week with a lot of losing on the ice and getting kicked in the face by a horse off of it.