Looks Like the Astros Threw a N* Hitter

via Fox Broadcast

You be the judge:

In the second video, it looks like the ball jumps over the base before careening foul. Here’s what they showed on the broadcast:

This was a pretty big deal. I’m not saying it changes the entire game and the Phillies win if it’s called fair, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. Brandon Marsh probably scores, the Phillies are up 1-0, and Schwarber is on 2nd. Completely different ballgame. Maybe the Bank comes alive and Javier gets a little rattled or maybe Nola still leaves the bases loaded in the fifth and we lose 5-1 instead of 5-0. It’s a game of inches.

If you’re wondering why it wasn’t challenged, according to MLB’s review policy for fair and foul balls, it isn’t reviewable:

MLB review rules stat that a manager can only challenge an umpire’s call of a fair or foul ball if it lands at or beyond the position of the first-base or third-base umpire. 

That shit looks fair to me:

On the other hand if that’s the only hit of the night from the Phillies I’d argue paying $2k to watch your team get one hit is a million times worse than seeing them get no hit.