How it started:

How it ended:

The “you’re done pal” makes me laugh every time. A well executed “pal” is next-level shit. Gets a laugh from me every time.

It’s gonna be a lonnnnnnnggggggg series for Mattress Mack. That crowd was JUICED out of their minds on Tuesday night. This is what comes with the territory. Now we don’t know what happened before this, but I’m just gonna chalk it up to good ol’ fashioned trash talking until I have a new video evidence. If Mattress Mack wants to come into the jungle, this is what’s expected. It’s the God damn World Series. I had Astros fans leave my section by the 5th inning because they couldn’t take it anymore.

How about this Astros fan high-fiving Phillies fans when Bryce hit that bomb to open the flood gates? Mattress Mack is dying inside watching $75 million slip away and this dude is playing patty cake with the enemy:

This dude is going to go postal: