Mike Missanelli is Now Part-Owner of a Winery


Mike always wanted to do this. He talked about it in the past.

I just checked out the Natali Vineyards website and here are a couple of their offerings:

  • “That’s a violation” – the finest red
  • “Google Me!” – a bold pinot noir
  • “OUTRIGHT” – white zinfandel
  • “Holmes” – a classic rosé

Shout out to Tim for that joke, but for real – it looks like this place is right off Route 47 in Cape May Courthouse, like 20 minutes outside of Avalon and Sea Isle. They have a pretty large selection on the site, and they have in-person hours from Thursday to Sunday with a tapas menu as well.

A blurb from the site:

Roughly 20 years ago, Natali Vineyards was formed as one of the first, if not the first, licensed winery in Cape May County, New Jersey. Over the years, it’s founder planted many different Vinifera grapes on the winery’s 23 acre estate, including some unique Spanish and French varieties. He also spearheaded the naming of Cape May Peninsula as one of only four federally approved viticultural areas within the state.

Nice. My wife and I talk about opening a brewery one of these days. No IPA on the beer list, however.