Everyone has their offseason plans for the Phillies. With 2023 bringing a pitch clock, bigger bases, and no shift, I asked Bob Wankel how he’d build the Phils:

Very good points from the Baseball Bro. Me, on the other hand? This is what I want to see next season when I go to the stadium:

1) Phillies need to announce a closer, then spend the entire offseason developing a really cool entrance song. I’ll admit it. I was jealous of Edwin Diaz’s trumpet. I know this is going to hurt, but look at Ryan Pressly’s entrance in Game 6. Imaging this to close out the World Series next year:


2) Find a number 2 guy that can hit, with a wife that will buy us beer for 81 home games. Trae Turner is married! $325 million is A LOT of beer money!

3) Re-Work Garrett Stubbs’ Spotify playlist. Dicked Down in Dallas was too high, Pop Bottles was way too low. Like having Castellanos in the #5 hole when it should’ve been Bohm. We’ve got new music from Drake. Rihanna is coming up with a new album. We’ll have 20 different awesome remixes by next year. The winning playlist was the catalyst for this team and it’s important it’s in mid-season form on Opening Day. It’s also time to retire Dancing on my Own. I don’t think anyone will fight me on that, but I just wanted to make it clear

4) Five Dollar Dog Nights. If there aren’t AT LEAST five DDNs I’m calling the senator.

5) The Phillies are getting a new scoreboard. Time to retire the bus game and “What’s in the box?” At one point they gave a player a box. It was a box in a box. What riveting stuff. Two truths and a lie can stay. The Phillies helmet over the ball game can stay. Those are institutions.

6) Updating the stadium. This one is the only serious one. I sat in the 300s for the NLCS and couldn’t find my seat because the seat numbers were completely gone. We had to find one that was faded and count backwards. Half the row numbers were Sharpie’d on. We just packed the stadium for you for an entire playoff run. Least you can do is throw a couple stickers on the seats. This isn’t the Oakland Coliseum.