Nick Sirianni is getting some blow back for the way he handled the win in Indy:

Not just by fans of other NFL teams, but from Eagles fans. I just don’t understand it. He’s the most successful coach in the league right now. He just won a game in the city where he last coached after his mentor was fired by the owner who forced him to bench the starting QB and then replaced him with his drinking buddy. While the Colts still looked like the flawed team they were under Reich. So when Nick Sirianni said “this shit was for Frank Reich” after the win, I loved it! –

Nick Sirianni is a foxhole guy. That’s a dude you want in your bunker when you run out of bullets. He’s going to scratch and claw a dude’s eyes out if that’s what he has to do to make it out safe. And that’s what I don’t understand with people in Philly who think this is corny:


They want their coach to win and just go shake hands at midfield, then walk into the press conference give canned answers, and get right to scheming next week for the Packers. They’re the same people who want players to score a touchdown and hand the ball back to the ref. Fuck that. You just scored. Celebrate.

But actually they just love to bitch because they’re never satisfied. Because they’re the same people who used to get mad at Andy Reid for never showing emotion on the sidelines when shit was going downhill. They’re the worst segment of Philly fans. The Negadelphia sports radio caller type who thinks they understand the game of football, but really can’t get past surface-level stuff. They can’t wrap their brain around the amount of time coaches put into game-planning and practice or the amount of time that coaches spend away from their families. They don’t understand how these coaches forge bonds for life with each other because they’re together so much. Plenty of missing holidays and birthdays and family dinners while making little to no money grinding away with the goal of one day coveting one out of 32 jobs. The people who think this is corny from a 9-1 coach who just won in his old house are a bunch of miserable people that were born miserable and will die miserable.

Nick Sirianni is likable as shit. Here’s more: