I was wondering why Nick Sirianni was so jacked up after the game. Yea it was emotional because he coached in Indy, but he almost lost to a 4-5-1 team and only scored 17 points. I assumed it’d be a subtle celebration and then he’d unleash hell in the locker room. I didn’t think he’d be talking shit to Colts fans postgame:

He even broke down in Howie Roseman’s shoulder which can’t be comfortable:

You ever cry into a shorter man’s shoulder? Same. Uncomfortable. Terrible for the neck.

But it turns out it was because he’s pissed off about the way Frank Reich was treated. I guess he decided a couple weeks ago it was going to be a revenge game:

“You don’t want to know what I think…if he should be here or not.”

Oh Nick. Yes we do. Please elaborate with further detail. Let us know all the trade secrets. Why don’t you punch me in the face as hard as you can. Pour some honey on me. Let me see you get really mad:

Is this the first revenge game ever for a former coach who actually wasn’t the one that was canned? A revenge game of the transitive property if you wish. This would be like if Bill Belichick got fired and Mike Vrabel came in the next week and kicked the shit out of the Patriots and Tedy Bruschi.

Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t know it was a revenge game. That would’ve swayed me to lay the points.