I was trying to think of a crossover sports and politics post for election day when Mike Miller popped up on my feed with this:

Brilliant. That is the take. No more political commercials during sporting events. Thank God it’s almost over because if I have to watch another Fetterman or Oz ad during a football game, my civic duty might entail a straight-line Green Party vote and then a trip to the Wendy’s drive through for a Baconator.

It’s enough that our mailboxes have been stuffed with political crap for the last two months, and the signs on the side of the road are unavoidable, but Mike is right – sport (and most television really) is an escape from all of that. A brief respite. You put in a good shift at work, you come home, feed the family, put the kids down, and all you wanna do is sit there and watch Geno Smith light it up. But every break, you hear about how Dr. Oz is best friends with Erdogan and kills animals and hates women, while John Fetterman is apparently a tattooed freak who leached off his parents and may as well live in a leper colony after suffering a stroke. It’s all such horseshit. It’s so negative and disingenuous.

There’s always someone who comes back with a finger-wagging retort, like “well people should be educated about who they vote for,” and yes, I agree with that. But just because someone doesn’t want political attack ads filling up commercial blocks during the Eagles game doesn’t mean they’re willfully ignorant. You could have watched the Fetterman/Oz debate at 8 p.m. and then switched over to PAC 12 basketball at 10 p.m. You can read the newspaper in the morning and watch sports at night. Just because people don’t want politics junking up their escape doesn’t mean they don’t want politics at all. There’s just a time and place for it, and when it’s nothing but juvenile and pessimistic doom and gloom, then it wears people out and ultimately does a disservice.

So anyway, these are the new campaign guidelines. No political commercials during any sporting events. If broadcasters are caught breaking these rules, the punishment is that you have to watch a 20 minute reel full of Jeremy Pena and Kyle “emu neck” Tucker highlights.

Now on to the debate: