What a shitty beat. Imagine you bet this, you’re on your couch getting ready for the Phils to take a 3-1 World Series lead with their “ace” on the mound. The Sixers already did the bulk of the work and you’re thinking this is going to cash by the first inning. No shot a team who just hit five homers the night before isn’t getting a hit. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Four hours later you’re left holding the bag. That’s a God awful beat. That’s one that makes you wonder if this gambling thing is really worth it. You probably had a shitty Sunday and bet on the Bengals to win it all back on MNF. You’re like a hitter in an 0-32 slump right now. At this point you’re just chasing. Doing anything to get on base. The board right now looks like a marble. You finally get some good contact, a blooper to right field only for the second baseman to come out of nowhere and rob you. This beat is good for a break. Take a walk. Clear your mind. You’re going to murder the college football slate Saturday.

Welp. We found one of the guys who lost his shirt on that prop last night: