WMMR’s Preston and Steve are doing their annual Camp Out for Hunger this week. It’s at the South Philly sports complex.

On Tuesday morning, the crew had some words for Villanova, alleging that they were dissed when trying to get Kyle Neptune involved:


  • Jay Wright used to participate in the pop-a-shot thing every year
  • Kyle Neptune’s assistant allegedly hung up on Nick
  • they claim this person was “outright rude” and “dismissive”
  • the crew wants Villanova to be involved since there’s a history here
  • they just wanted a straight answer

Maybe there was a misunderstanding here. A miscommunication. Who knows? For what it’s worth, Nova doesn’t play again until Friday (against Temple), so no conflicts here that we know of.

We will await a response from the Villanova person who allegedly hung up on Preston and Steve.