Qatar World Cup is the New Fyre Festival

photo via Front Office Sports

The hell is this? –

So… it’s the Fyre Festival. You sleep in a shipping container and lunch consists of a cheese sandwich on moldy bread. No alcohol to be found. Good landscaping, though. I like the planters on either side of the rooms there.

For real though, this is terrible. This “fan village” makes the stretch of hotels on the White Horse Pike outside of Atlantic City look like luxury. You’ve got migrant workers doing slave labor to bring the World Cup to a country that forbids homosexuality and had no business ever hosting the tournament in the first place. In addition, there’s very little buzz here because it’s November, in the middle of football season, and not in the dead of summer when typically nothing is going on. Even in soccer circles there seems to be very little interest in this World Cup.

Qatar 2022 sucks ass.