On Tuesday’s midday show, Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara announced that Devan Kaney will be joining the new WIP morning show:

Sorry for the background noise, that’s my sick kid. The RSV and flu stuff has been insane in Montco. We got absolutely obliterated in October and it continues in November.

But anyway, here’s further confirmation that Rhea Hughes, Joe Weachter, and Joe Conklin will still be part of the morning show going forward. We knew about the first two already, but Conklin’s status I had not heard anything about. His return ensures that the crew will have to fake laugh when he does his same bit twice in the morning.

Devan’s addition makes the crew look like this:

  • DeCamara
  • Jon Ritchie
  • Kaney
  • Rhea
  • Seltzer
  • Weachter

Ava Graham got a promotion already, so she may or may not be appearing on the show itself. We’ll find out. Rhea I believe has another year on her contract. And I have no clue about Keith Jones. Did anyone say anything about him? I may have missed that.

Of course, the other interesting thing here is that WIP will have to craft a new midday show, since the entire thing is being moved to mornings. If we learn anything about that, we’ll let you know.