Keep it in your pants, Kay!

Here’s the full interview. Five seconds in I thought she was gonna jump his bones:

Jesus Christ, imagine the role reversal here. Shams would be getting #MeToo’d to oblivion. It would be fitting, though, that the last thing the blue checkmark brigade and the pronoun posse ever got to do was take up their pitchforks one last time and take down another dude on Twitter.

Another thing – what’s going on right now with celebrity dating? Has the world flipped upside down? I’m not saying Shams is a bad-looking dude, but come on, Kay Adams is the cream of the crop right now in sports. She’s taken the torch left behind by Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. She dated Danny Amendola for God’s sake. There were rumors about her dating Jets TE CJ Uzomah. There is no shot a guy who helps Klutch Sports spin narratives to help Ben Simmons is on the same level as Kay Adams. This is all Pete Davidson’s fault. Ugly is in. He’s ruined it for the square headed, strong jaw, slightly skinny fat, funny types like your’s truly.

Between Shams being able to bag Kay Adams right on the set right there if he wanted to, and Pete Davidson going from Kim Kardashian to Emily Ratajkowski, the world is spinning on a weird axis.

This dude’s haircut was terrible. Dude looking like a damn shih tzu: