“That Shit was for Frank Reich,” said Nick Sirianni

via @djslybri on Twitter

Okay, so now we know what Sirianni was yelling at the crowd in the fourth quarter on Sunday:

Interestingly enough, nobody really thought about the Frank Reich angle going into this game. Err, well, we did, but it did not become a big pregame topic. The “emotional Sirianni” exhibition blew up, out of nowhere.

We know he was tight with Reich, who mentored him for a few years obviously, but I for one did not see that manifesting in him jawing at fans in the fourth quarter. Apparently he found it incredibly fugazi the way Reich was treated by Jim Irsay, who is a straight up wackadoo.

Just need Sirianni to be more level-headed going into the next game, because emotional Nick didn’t have his best game. Same with Shane Steichen. Jonathan Gannon’s unit won that one.

Go Birds.