The Nets Waved The White Flag And Emptied The Bench With 3 Minutes Left Against the Sixers Bench Squad

via @bleacherreport on Twitter

What a night:

Hating this dude is so much fun. He makes it so easy. I mean early in the game he made two free throws and pulled out the Jordan shrug. Then he missed a layup, got his own rebound, and shushed the crowd. He then flopped and drew a flagrant on Georges Niang and tried to kiss and make up after. All in the first half alone:


The best part about the whole night, even better then the win, was the fact he won us a free 5-piece of Chick-fil-A nuggets. When the Sixers created this promotion they had to have November 22nd circled:

Here’s a good bit if you’re hosting the Thanksgiving Eve pregame tomorrow. Everyone has to show a free 5-piece nugget from Chick-fil-A at the door or they can’t come in. If you got 20 people coming over that’s basically a free medium tray.

The cherry on top came when the Nets waved the white flag with three minutes left to go. Before Ben Simmons could even register a stat in the fourth quarter. He must’ve felt at home after all:

I don’t want to make this all about Ben because the Sixers bench unit played awesome today while missing 76 points of offense.  Maybe in some sick twisted brain only a Sixers fan could have the early season injuries will benefit them in the long run. Maybe they’re deeper then we originally thought. Maybe Doc will realize team basketball is a better form of basketball for success. Shoutout to Tobias Harris too with 24 and having a great audition for his future team. We’ll take those two firsts back.

What this game lacked this team made up in keeping the crowd in it. Whether it was Paul Reed coming off the bench and scoring 10 quickly, Melton and Shake having big games, or Georges Niang talking shit to anyone in a white jersey with a pulse:

We’ll always remember tonight. Fuck Ben Simmons.