The Steve Nash Era in Brooklyn has Come to an End (updated)

Photo Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

This was inevitable:

Nash was probably like “hell yeah, I’m out.” Firing Nash is like putting a band aid on a bullet hole. That Nets team is headed for a blowup.

What? Would you wanna deal with wackadoo head case Kyrie Irving and a Ben Simmons who looks like he forgot how to play basketball? You couldn’t pay me enough to coach that team. Kevin Durant is 34 years old and this franchise is going absolutely nowhere. They should recoup as many assets as possible and join the OKC Thunder in rebuilding paradise. Start it over. Find young dudes who love basketball and are not morons. Trust the Process, the Nets’ Process.

Anyway, one fewer team for the Sixers to have to worry about, assuming the Sixers get it figured out and push beyond .500 here.

edit – lol