Jesus this is embarrassing:


I didn’t even know you could leave a game midway through. I swear FOX made us watch the entirety of that 48-7 beatdown the Saints handed us back in 2018. It’s going to be beautiful to watch Vikings fans bend over backwards all week trying to convince people 4:25pm on a Sunday is actually primetime. Just to then have to watch Kirk in primetime on a short week.

Mike Florio is going to have to update his power rankings after his “Team of Destiny” shit the bed:

Team of Destiny? Give me a fucking break. The same Vikings who have a negative point differential on the year now that it’s 40-7 Cowboys:


The same Vikings who got duped by the oldest meme in the book early in the game:

The same Vikings who were “feeling 9-1 today”:

Those Vikings? That Bills game last week might’ve been the game of the year, but Buffalo isn’t losing if 75% of their secondary was on IR. If you’re an Eagles fan you already found out who the Vikings were in Week 2. Too bad the rest of the NFL took so long to catch up.

Two game lead with the tiebreaker now for the #1 seed. Thanks Cowboys: