Travis Fulgham Seems to Subtweet Doug Pederson About Throwing Games

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chalk this up to something I didn’t expect to seeon Saturday night. Travis Fulgham, angry that he wasn’t going to be in Philly this weekend with the Packers, went to Twitter and seemingly called out Doug Pederson for throwing that meaningless game against Washington in 2020:

This has to be in response to Doug’s criticism of him and his “work habits” after Fulghamania was running wild all over Philly with 29 catches, 435 yards, and 4 TDs in his first five games.

Wrote Reuben Frank two years ago at

Doug Pederson spoke for a couple minutes Wednesday about Travis Fulgham, but five words stuck out:

“He’s got to play better.”

Pederson in recent weeks has hinted at Fulgham’s work habits being an issue:

Nov. 23: “I’m concerned about Travis’ production and getting him better and helping him get better. He needs to get better.”

Nov. 25: “He really has to focus in and detail his work and practice hard and fast.”

Nov. 30: “He’s got to continue to work hard each week.”

First things first, lets not forget that if it wasn’t for Doug Pederson ALLEGEDLY throwing that game we don’t get DeVonta Smith. Taylor Heinicke, Fulgham’s QB at Old Dominion, also might not have a job if Doug plays the starters all game because we would have never seen his legendary performance against the Bucs. At the end of the day I hated that they played an obviously washed Alshon Jeffery over Fulgham, but all you have to do is check Fulgham’s stat sheet since his time in Philly. There’s a reason he’s played in one game since the Eagles cut him. There’s a reason he’s not traveling with the Packers to Philly. I’ll take my Super Bowl winning coach over a flash in the pan wide receiver in this one.