We had a stunner Friday morning before anybody woke up. Iran defeated Wales 2-0, throwing Group B into chaos. Then we got the quote of the year from this Welsh fan:

Awesome. This guy may just be “taking the piss,” as they say over there, but I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

For what it’s worth, however, Iron Sheik did NOT defeat Bob Backlund at Wrestlemania. That was actually in Madison Square Garden in December of 1983, at what looks to be a regular WWE event. They actually squared off one month earlier at The Spectrum in Philly, and Backlund won that bout, but Sheik got him with the Camel Clutch in New York:


Hilarious. You could never do a character like the Sheik in 2022, because it’s racist or insensitive or cultural appropriation or whatever the blue checkmarks say it is, perhaps unaware that wrestling is not real and exists purely for entertainment. Regardless, the Sheik is one of the best Twitter follows out there, and spreads words of encouragement these days: