“We Suck,” Says Torts After First Period of 5-4 Overtime Loss

Torts being Torts:


Broadcaster: “Torts you guys gave up the first goal, just thoughts on your team’s start here so far in the first fifteen-plus minutes..”

Torts: “We suck. We haven’t forechecked, we haven’t done anything – as of right now.”

Broadcaster: What do you want to see differently?

Torts: “Forecheck.”

Broadcaster: Thank you.

Torts: “Okay.”

Brilliant! Another wonderful in-game interview that offers absolutely nothing. No coach or player should ever have to speak during a game, be it intermission, half time, whatever. It should be illegal.

The Flyers did battle back to score four goals and send this game into overtime, before Vladislav Gavrikov got the winner. They’re getting kind of leaky though. That’s three losses in a row followed by an OT loss in which they’ve conceded 18 regulation goals. They’re 7-6-3 but they’re gonna have to protect Hart and Sandstrom or else this thing is gonna unravel quickly. Yes, that’s a good thing, because we all wanted them to #TankHardForBedard, but you want them to be competitive and not get blown out 5-1, 5-2, and 4-1 like they did last week. The games and reps have to result in some meaningful development for the young guys.