Man Eats 40 Rotisserie Chickens: A Short Film –


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I didn’t know what I was getting into on Sunday. I’ll tell you what, I didn’t think there would be 300+ people watching a man devour his 40th rotisserie chicken in 40 days:

This is what the city needed after being the first in the history of the United States of America to lose two championships on the same day. When this legend, Alex Tominsky, started this feat of strength, I’m sure he didn’t know how influential he would become or how much he would be able to singlehandedly heal a city. On an abandoned pier behind a Walmart off of Delaware Ave of all places. He brought a community together. A community of people from all different walks of life. Who bonded over a 31 year old man eating store chicken. It’s the little things:

Ain’t no angel gonna greet me,

It’s just you and I my friend.