Nick Sirianni said the Eagles were gonna have to come up with a drill to work on ball security while getting off the ground, so lo and behold:

Said Sirianni after the game on Monday night, following Watkins’ brutal fourth quarter fumble:

“That’s something that we talk about and we think about, that you’re susceptible getting up off the ground. You want to teach him to be aggressive, and if he’s not seeing behind him, then get up off the ground, maybe run for a touchdown.

We are also aware that the defense is taught to take a swipe at that ball when you are getting up off the ground kind of the same way as when you’re going to the ground. The ball is loose sometimes when you’re that way.

We have to do a better job of coaching that. We have to think of a drill to do that. We talk about it, but obviously we didn’t execute it. So, as a coach you put yourself in that situation first and say, ‘How do I fix that?’ So, we’ll have to do a drill where we’re getting up off the ground, protecting it, and if there are bodies around us, we have to stay down on the ground.

Like I said, we talk about it, but I didn’t put Quez in that scenario in drills. We’ll get better from this as coaches, and I know Quez will as well.”

Bravo. The Birds are gonna fix things up here. They beat the Colts in Indy on Sunday. If you’re scared of the Colts, get a dog.